Reputation Management

The wind has changed: the internet and social media have sunk traditional sender/receiver thinking. Your organization is buffeted on all sides by influences both positive and negative. Effective reputation management keeps you firmly on course and helps you achieve your organization’s goals, giving you that vital ‘licence to operate’.

Reputation management is about strategically managing the way you’re perceived by people or bodies with an existing or potential interest - in all senses - in your organization. One way or another, they’re going to form an opinion of you and they won’t hesitate to share it with others, especially if it’s negative. A constructive dialogue with them is therefore vital.

The true essence of your organization is much more important in that regard than simply showing the flag. People care less about what you say about yourself than what’s actually going on within your organization and how it behaves.

The authenticity of your organization - its inner strength - is crucial. It’s the platform from which you can engage with the outside world most constructively. A credible reputation is best founded therefore on the true core of your business.

That’s why the most effective communication has to begin with watching carefully and making fundamental choices. Your reputation can speed your business forward or just as easily run it aground. You need to work on it constantly.