Crisis, reorganization, mergers, redundancies, strategic changes, restructuring and acquisitions: times and tides change unceasingly. Organizations that respond to changes rapidly and effectively generally keep the wind in their sails. The way your organization initiates changes, carries them out and communicates about them has a huge impact on your reputation.

If you try to rush a major change through, you’re sure to run into headwinds: not just from your own crew, but often from outsiders too. If, by contrast, you implement those changes professionally and communicate them in the right way, you can actually strengthen your reputation.

ReputatieLoods pilots you through change processes, drawing on proven techniques like John Kotter’s change model. This Harvard-developed approach breaks changes down into eight steps, so you can implement them effectively within your organization with the confidence that they will stick.

Real-time insight into the progress and results of change processes allows you to trim your course and, where appropriate, to hoist extra sail. It is provided by the Change Readiness Inventory© - a tool that highlights potential adjustments during the preliminary stage and the change process itself, and helps you analyse the results afterwards. That way, your changes and innovations are measurably and demonstrably effective.

ReputatieLoods sees change as an opportunity to consolidate or enhance your reputation.